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Mixed Musings
trust me, i'm (almost) a lawyer
How Things Stand 
11th-Oct-2006 11:33 pm
I haven't posted in a while, so thought I should, even though I don't have anything specific to say. So just a general update:

School: Hard
Safeway: Ghetto (I need a new grocery store)
Starbucks: Overpriced (but it's hard to last through those 9 am classes without caffeine)
Food: Random (yes, I had cereal for 2 meals today)
Physically: Sore (new gym class)
Mentally: Exhausted (catching up with class reading, thinking about paper topics, needing to outline)
Emotionally: Happy :-)
Tranportation: Needed (must find cheap scooter for sale!)
Entertainment: ABC (since they now post shows online for free!)

Will post again when something blog-worthy happens!

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