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Mixed Musings
trust me, i'm (almost) a lawyer
Good Conversation 
1st-Nov-2006 11:22 pm
I found myself talking to myself today. Here's a short excerpt.

Me: I freakin' really can't freakin' read another freakin' word.

Me2: Maybe you can hire someone to record themselves reading these cases out loud and then listen to the recording.

Me: Who would be stupid enough to want that job?

Me2: Good point.

Me: Maybe at least I could be hypnotized into believing I have a photographic memory. Then I would only have to read, and not re-read and re-read in order to actually understand what I just read.

Me2: Sure. Hypnotism. Great idea. Grab the yellow pages.

Me: Sigh.

Me2: Any other options come to mind?

Me: Well, there's always simply not reading. Or sticking the pages together with gum.

Me2: Now you're thinking!

5th-Nov-2006 12:57 am (UTC)
do ya know what's funny? I can actually see you having this conversation with yourself! ha!
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