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Mixed Musings
trust me, i'm (almost) a lawyer
16th-Nov-2006 05:28 pm
Haven't posted in a while b/c my computer suddenly refused to connect to the internet via Firefox, and since that is where all my bookmarks are, I couldn't remember the name of this website! My poor memory--all filled up with rules of evidence and amendment numbers.

So I've been in and out of the tech lab on campus trying to figure this out. And meanwhile, I'm using Netscape, which bugs me. Not sure why, it just does.

Anyway, electronics suck and I'm planning to chop this laptop into tiny pieces and grind them up in my disposal. But first I just wanted to say that my prof wore a tie with jellyfish on it today. He is too cool.

11th-Feb-2007 04:52 pm (UTC) - All day chocolate
Are you aware that today is "All-Star Chocolate Day" on the food network? So far I've seen chocolate pastries, deep fried chocolate ravioli, hot fudge sundays, last night I saw a chocolate and coconut secret ingredient Iron Chef America. It's like I can't get away from the chocolate. Um yeah, it's screaming out your name!!!
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